Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Tuesday's Tip: Backwards Searches using Národní archiv site badatelna.eu!

How do you do a backwards search from a badatelna.eu link?

Recently I have been using www.badatelna.eu for some client research. This is the website for the National Archives of the Czech Republic, aka Nárdoní archiv.

Sometimes, you end up with a link to an image. I was trying desperately to figure out the book from the image. Here’s what I did:

1. I start from a direct link to the image, like this: http://www.badatelna.eu/fond/2098/reprodukce/?zaznamId=401670&reproId=589932

How did I arrive at this link, you ask? Well, I was researching with my colleague and he performed the original search. But it is conceivable that one might arrive at the link (without notes on how they got there)  in a number of different ways: in a document file, linked to a person in an online family tree, as a link in a blog, etc.

2. I click here:

3. I get this:

I click here:

4. Herdek filek. I get a list of all the books in the collection, not just the one from the link.

So, how do I find the číslo inventář from a backwards search using the Narodní archiv site?

There is no way to do it. Nejde to.

Herdek fix.

You can only try to replicate the search in the other direction, which might really be impossible if you have no idea how to do this.

This is a huge flaw in the system and it seems like a relatively easy fix. If anybody out there is listening, please, please, please fix this. It will make the Jewish Czech registers so much more accessible and searchable!

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  1. First things first, I agree that a user-friendly way should be added.

    But: You know the ID of the book, it's part of the URL - zaznamId, 401670 in your example. When you open the listing (Inventář), you can see the same id in the URLs of the entries. Fortunately, the listing is sorted by this very ID, so it's not that difficult to just scroll to it.

    For your example, it's
    inv.č. 150
    sign./č.j. HBF XVI/I
    Kraj Žatecký

    Dobříčany (P); folio: 3
    Blov (Mko na panství Krásný Dvůr); folio: 73
    Hořetice (S); folio: 93
    Kopisty (P náležející městu Most); folio: 101
    Chomutov (P) a Hrušovany (S); folio: 119