Wednesday, October 12, 2016

1939 Legal Regulations of Jews in the Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia


Here you can find the exact law regulating Jews in 1939 Czechoslovakia. Open it in google chrome, right click, and select "Translate to English." It is a depressing read, but it will help you understand the situation for Jews in the Czech Lands during World War II.

Some points that I took from it:

Who is a Jew?

  • You're a Jew if you have at least 3 Jewish grandparents
  • You're a half Jew (literally "mišenec", aka half-breed. Such an ugly word) if you have at least 2 Jewish grandparents, if you were adopted, converted, or married into a Jewish family on or after 16 September 1935
  • You're a Jew if you married a Jew on or after 17 September 1935
  • You're a Jew if you are a bastard child of a Jew born after 31 July 1936.


  • cannot be own or be on the board of companies
  • cannot work for the government except in very specific cases
  • cannot be a teacher or lecturer for public or private Universities or schools, unless it's a school just for Jews
  • cannot be a scientist
  • cannot be a judge
  • cannot be a notary
  • cannot be an engineer
  • cannot be a lawyer
  • cannot be a doctor, vet, or pharmacist
  • cannot be an artist
  • cannot be a politician
If you are a Jew working for the government, you will lose your job and receive only one month's pay effective no later than 3 months from now.

If you are a Jew, you really, absolutely cannot be a lawyer or substitute lawyer, and your Bar records will be completely destroyed. Oh, but you have 8 days to prove whether or not you are a Jew.

If you are a Jew detained here for a civil/criminal legal matters, you have 2 weeks to return to your home country.

If you are a Jew, you really, really, really can't be a lawyer. But you can be a "Jewish legal guardian." But there is a regulated limit to the number of these, and obviously you can only work for Jews.

If you are a Jew, you cannot be an engineer working in the mining industry. You really cannot even be a civil engineer, unless you have a special permit.

If you are a Jew, and working in the medical field, well, you can't. You have at least 8 days (maybe more) to prove you're not a Jew.

Well, actually, jk, we can allow a very, very, very tiny quota (2%) of highly regulated Jewish doctors (and you have to be called a "Jewish Doctor"). You're only allowed to treat Jews or your own family members. Same with pharmacists. Vets have the same regulations, but obviously treat animals not people (wait a sec...what's the difference again?)

But you know..."Jewish Vets" and "Jewish Doctors" etc. cannot be members of any kind of Medical or Veterinary Associations.

If you break the above laws, or help someone conceal their Jewishness, you can be fined 100,000 [something] or put in jail for up to 6 months.

Here are the names of the people who signed this disgusting piece of human history. I wonder if it was by choice or not:

Dr. Hácha v. r.
Ing. Eliáš v. r.
Ježek v. r.
Dr. Kratochvíl v. r.
Dr. Kalfus v. r.
Dr. Havelka v. r.
Dr. Kapras v. r.
Čipera v. r.
Dr. Krejčí v. r.
Bubna v. r.
Dr. Klumpar v. r.

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