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First Pass on first few paragraphs Transcription of Purchase Contract of Anton Hruby

Tonight I didn't work on my Krczmarsky problem, as my friend Lukas emailed me an extensive theory about why it might be possible that Michel is the father of my Joseph, and I haven't yet been able to find enough time to respond yet to him. More on that interesting problem in forthcoming blog posts.

So, back to more Czech Land Record transcriptions! They're really hard. But they are worth it. I especially love it when writing into the netherness of the blogosphere ends up either helping someone else who is struggling, or helping me to learn more and improve my understanding and skills. Please comment. I welcome corrections, advice, and any commentary.

Here is a link to the purchase contract of Anton Hruby from Thomas Hruby, his father.


Kauf Contrakt des Anton Hruby

heuer und rigehetzten dato jahr und tag ist zwischer Thoman Hruby und seinem sohn Anton Hruby folgunder kaufkontrakten abredet und gültig beschlossen worden.


[Copied and pasted from google translate]
Purchase contract of Anton Hruby
year and harried date year and day is zwischer Thoman Hruby and his son Anton Hruby abredet success under purchase contracts and has decided valid.


Purchase contract of Anton Hruby

On this day [legalese] Thoman Hruby successfully [transferred?] the valid purchase contract to Anton Hruby.

The translation needs work; In any case, the main idea is clear: Anton Hruby is getting house #13 from his father, Thoman [sic - do they mean Thomas?] Hruby.


esterk aufet nehnichih Thoman Hruby sein in Pustkowetz getegeinen gärtergrund und erblichen: garten und Arken in einem und grdezenn wie soch atted der kauf des Vorsitzers nrveisatuder teiht und gerechtigkeiter auch serr und grundschuldigkeiten in sohlen maase wie dies er grund ohen jamannen bestimten kaufschiling von 24


esterk aufet nehnichih Thoman Hruby be Pustkowetz getegeinen gärtergrund and hereditary: garden and Arken grdezenn in one and as soch atted the purchase of Vorsitzers nrveisatuder teiht and gerechtigkeiter also serr and elementary schuldigkeiten in soles maase as he ground ohen jamannen bestimten purchase shea ling 24


Wow, so that was a really horrible trancription. I really have to work on that more as you can see. But the main idea I *think* is that Thoman Hruby of Pustkovec is giving this specific plot of land, that they then describe, to his son for the purchase price of 24 florins. Or guilders. I really am not sure what unit of currency this is here. But it's probably one of those.

von diesen kaufschieling hat käufer bezahlen an alten kaufschulden des Hanna oder ihrer erbin Marianna 6

der Barbara Hruby

Der Hanna

Der Alka

Den Geor

Den Johann

Inden a 3- 36x ins ammen 18 f24 f


of this purchase shoot ling has buyers pay to purchase old debt of Hanna or her heiress Marianna 6

Barbara Hruby

The Hanna

The Alka

the Geor

the Johann

Inden a 3- 36x from strains 18 f24 f


So here the main word that I think I'm messing up is "Hanna." I am not sure if I got that right. I think this is a list of people who will inherit from the 24 florins, so possibly Anton's siblings? Marianna is some kind of heiress, perhaps Anton's mother, Thomas's wife? I really am not sure here.

And Alka? Would that be...Olga?

This took me about an hour, and as you can see it's really rough. But it's important. 

I would have started the transcription at a different part of the document if on my skim-through a place name had jumped out that wasn't Pustkovec. Because, as luck has it, I really haven't yet been able to find Anton Hruby's birth record in the parish registers. He has conflicting estimated birth dates, and I looked over a 30 year span and didn't find him yet. So, maybe he moved here from elsewhere? Except, he is inheriting/buying #13 from his father, which means he had roots in Pustkovec. Apparently I either missed the record, it's missing, or it's somewhere else entirely. I'm really not sure, but before I continue fishing in that huge pond, I'm going to try to get a solid polished version of this land record, and perhaps a few others like this one: 

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