Thursday, February 27, 2014

1755 "Deflorata"

Wenceslaus, born 1 March 1755 in Vlčovice to Barbara Kladivi.

After her name is the Latin note: "de-florata" which means, "deflowered, no longer a virgin."

I had assumed this meant "raped" but I suppose there are multiple scenarios, and the actual meaning of this word does not let us know what exactly happened, except that she is pregnant out of wedlock.

I hadn't seen this before. Whether or not this means that she was raped, I think it is sad. I wonder what life would have been like for her afterward, as a mother. I mean, I wonder how society would have viewed her. Pity? Disgust? Would she have been able to marry later? And her son? What would life have been like for him?


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  1. I've seen the Dutch equivalent, "gedefloreerd," in several records. There it does not mean raped, but rather loss of virginity in an unmarried woman. I've seen a case where a farmer's son was called before the church council for having deflowered a maid. He was then charged to either marry her or pay her the equivalent of her dowry as compensation.