Friday, January 10, 2014

Follow Friday: Jiri Kastner's unofficial news about upcoming changes to

Across the world, a Czech genealogist named Jiri Kastner found my blog and we started a correspondence. He introduced me to Rodokmen, which is google plus's Czech Genealogy community. It is like generation 2 of

Anyway, you should "czech" out Jiri Kastner and his posts in the Rodokmen community if you are interested in Czech research. 

I learned some interesting "unofficial" news from g-chatting with him from thousands of miles away. You can see the original post on his google plus page here

And here is an English version:

"unofficially, but with permission of SOA Plzen (the State District Archive of Plzen), some news regarding the near future of porta fontium:

- More fine tuning of registers

- adding urbar to year 1773 (see 'Soupis zapadoceskych urbaru') + some land record books to 1st half of 17. century

[Urbary records are records of the duties that the peasants had to perform for the manorial lord. For example, how many days of robota (unpaid labor) did he owe the manorial lord]

- adding origin of parish registers (vicariate, diocese) 
- adding some censuses (including some from SOkA Domazlice)
- new Czech-Bavarian archive guide integrated into porta fontium"

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