Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Czech Immigration Routes to Texas: Bremen to Galveston 1880-1886

If you are interested in immigration routes that Germans and Czechs took to Texas, you should read the article, "German and Czech Immigration to Texas: The Bremen to Galveston Route, 1880-1886" by Lawrence H. Konecny and Clinton Machann.

The most useful part of this article is a table that lists all the vessels with immigrants sailing from Bremerhaven to Galveston between 1880-1886. The table, "was compiled from various issues of the Galveston Daily News and the Picayune (New Orleans), the monthly reports from the Bureau for Bremen Statistics, and the Harbor Accounts Books for Bremerhaven."

Of the 17 ships that came between these years, only 4 had passenger lists available when this article was published in 1993. Some of the lists are reconstructed from newspapers. Some were rediscovered tucked away in the old papers of people in Wisconsin (!!). The North German Lloyd printed and distributed copies of these passenger lists for the benefit of the passengers as well as for advertising.

I suspect that most of my Czech ancestors came on the SS Hohenzollern, arriving October 29, 1881. Several of the allied families were known to have traveled on this ship, at least through indirect evidence such as the location and dates of arrival listed on their petition for naturalization and the consistent date of immigration on census records. There is no available passenger list for this ship - yet. It may still happen!

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