Sunday, January 19, 2014

Church Record Sunday: "Defecit a fide" Stamp

I found a really interesting parish record the other day for Czech town of Vítkovice. Here is a direct link.

Here is an image of the whole record.

And here is a close up of what I found so interesting:

It is a stamp that says:

"Defecit a fide,
manet sine confessione.
Regimen distr.
deto [date?] ___________________"

This is Latin. Here is what I make of it so far:

"Defected from the faith.
Remains without a confession.
Government [?] [??]

Then, you cane see that there is written:

17.6.1922 ["20268" then a stamped "2...."]
5.2.29 [some letters that vaguely look like "ro?"]

I just find it interesting that there is a stamp for defecting from the Catholic church! I have not seen this before. I wonder if the later Czech records, the ones that we do not yet have access to, would have more of these stamps on them.

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