Sunday, November 24, 2013

die hausbücher der nürnberger zwölfbrüderstiftungen

Ever wondered what your ancestors looked like? If they were a compass needle filer, they could have looked like:

I found a really interesting, really old dictionary of occupations from 1400-1500's Germany. It's called "die hausbücher der nürnberger zwölfbrüderstiftungen".

The best part? These are portraits of real people. How cool would it be if your ancestor really were that compass needle filer!?

There is a lot of carry over from German occupations to Czech occupations. All the pictures of farmers look similar, but there were distinctions made between various kinds of farmers. And I'm not talking about what they were growing. Distinctions were made more on a how-much-land-do-you-own basis.

It's interesting to me - the farmers' faces are also much less detailed than the pictures of the people who sat still, like the toy maker or clock maker. This probably makes sense. The farmers weren't multi-tasking while posing for their portraits.

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