Tuesday, May 7, 2013

The purpose of this blog

I am a fifth generation Texas Czech. I am passionate about history and research. I love deciphering old documents, and analyzing the information they contain to form an understanding of the past. I am particularly interested in Czech records and research. My enthusiasm and energy for genealogy is driven in part by the need to do something that is not directly related to the physical labor of caring for my preschool aged children and all that entails. My personal dream is that I can monetize my passion by helping connect others to their past. 

My first step towards creating a profitable genealogy business is to become a Certified Genealogist by the Board for Certification of Genealogists. These first posts will be focused a lot on the certification process itself, which involves doing some really in-depth research. I am "on the clock" officially as of March 2013.

This blog is a place to showcase my research talents, questions, strategies, interests, case studies, etc. A blank slate for me to advertise my business, help educate other Czech researches, organize my thoughts, and practice writing in a public way.

My goal is to post frequently. Here is the current plan:

3 weekly posts (minimum)
1. Czech Research Strategies
2. Update on my BCG application process
3. Proof Argument (if not for my family, I will first obtain permission from the client)

We'll see how this goes. Before three small kids, I was a pretty adept personal blogger, with followers who I didn't know personally. Now I find that keeping up with my personal blog just feels like I am selling my life. My life isn't all roses and pinterest-perfect shabby chic, more like, "Crap, I have drain flies. How do I get rid of these?" and, "Well, that was the fifth exploding poopy diaper of the day." Spending some time "aspiring" to be that picture perfect mommy blogger in my absolutely not picture perfect environment, I found I dislike it. I don't want to sell my self; less than that, I don't want to sell a fake self. Plus, I found that unless my posts were [extremely offensive to people I love] rants, blogging became way too much of an investment of my [super uber duper limited] time, effort, and thought to continue on a long term basis.

I'm MORE THAN okay with selling my genealogy services, though. In fact, that is my end goal. That is why I think this blogging experience will be different than my personal travel/home/life blogging. I'm also quite good at "ranting" about Czech research, and it's much less offensive. These rants may actually prove helpful to other researchers! As for the time, effort, and thought that will go into this project, I feel I desperately need it (well, or, something!) to maintain a personal level of sanity in this difficult phase of my life. What phase isn't difficult, I really don't know. Probably the post-mortem phase. Maybe we should ask our ancestors.

Anyway, thanks for coming by. I hope this blog will be useful to you!

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